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Lewes Yacht Club was founded in 1932. The idea for a “sailing association” was proposed to Marjorie Virden by George Davisson. Major George Edwards Davisson originated the idea of a sailing club, and together with 16 other full time and part time Lewes residents, they formed the Lewes Yacht Club.

The town of Lewes donated some little-used water front property which developed into the Lewes Yacht Club. The first clubhouse was built with donated materials at a cost of $5000. It was a lonely little building secluded near the inlet. The clubhouse today is a modern two-story building with a restaurant, marina, sailing rental hut, and pool.
17 Charter Members
Richard Reese Sr.
Richard Reese, Jr.
Frank S. Carter, Sr.
Helene Potter
Frank S. Carter, Jr.
John Wine
John W. Wine
Howard Long
Balmer Raynor
Leighton Dorsey
George Davisson
J. Patterson Davisson
George Chambers, Sr.
George Fleming
Douglas Fleming
Marjorie Virden
Thomas McComb