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Cape Critters Program


The Cape Critters Program is designed for children ages 5-7 years old that have no sailing experience. It is a ½ day program that begins at 9 AM and concludes at 12 PM, Monday through Wednesday. The class size is limited to 10 and the student instructor ratio is 5:1. Students learn the fundamentals of water safety and sailing in one of our 420's. The program emphasizes teamwork and fun while sailing as a group with one instructor. Students will learn basic sailing terminology, how to rig and de-rig the boat, steering and sail control and what to do in emergency situations. Campers also participate in fun team building relays and beach activities. When on the water, the instructor will rotate campers throughout a series of jobs; including steering and sail trim.

Cape Critter Program (morning only, 3x/wk)   
Member $170/ 3 day camp
Guest $210/ 3 day camp
  • Monday to Wednesday
  • 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Boats: 420's

Morning/Afternoon/All Day Program

Ages 6-16

Students can attend a 3 hour morning or afternoon session, or they can attend a 7 hour all day clinic with a one hour lunch included. There are three levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Students are placed in groups based on previous experience and instructor assessments. Once in a group, students are placed in boats based on their size.  Students will sail Optis, Sunfish, Lasers and 420s. Throughout each program, students are taught basic seamanship, water safety, proper sail trim and steering, rigging and de-rigging, launching and landing, and capsizing and recovery. Each day includes a brief pre and post sail chalk talk, with the majority of the time dedicated to being on the water.

Morning Session
Member $220/ 1 week camp
Guest $265/ 1 week camp
  • 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Boats: Opti/Sunfish/Laser/420
Afternoon Session
Member $220/ 1 week camp
Guest $265/ 1 week camp
  • 1 PM to 4 PM
  • Boats: Opti/Sunfish/Laser/420
All Day Session
Member $300/1 week camp
Guest $370/ 1 week camp
Ages 7-16
  • 9 AM to 4 PM (12-1=lunch/swim break)
  • Boats: Opti/Sunfish/Laser/420

Frequently Asked Camp Questions

Q: What should my sailor bring to summer sailing lessons?
A: Sunglasses, Hat, Water bottle, Swim outfit, Sunscreen, Towel, Lunch (for Full day), Life Jacket, Closed Toed shoes that can get wet
Q: Does my sailor need a life vest?
A: YES! Sailors need to bring their own life jacket. Your PFD should be Coast Guard approved and the right size for your sailor. We have a bin of life jackets that students can borrow if they occasionally forget.
Q: Where can I drop off/pick up my sailor from LYC Sailing School?
When you arrive in the Regatta Room Monday morning, you can find your class table. For the safety of your sailor, please check in and out. Drop off and pick up starts at 8:50 am. Please find the Sailing Director to approve contact information!  The AM and Cape Critters end at noon and Full and PM lessons end at 4pm. The kids will be waiting for you in the Regatta Room to pick them up. Please confirm pick-up with the Sailing Director or an Instructor so that we know your child has been picked up safely. All AM/Cap critters need to be checked out before 1pm.
Q: Will there be a swim check?
A: Instructors give a swim check Monday morning. We are just checking sailors comfort in the water with a life jacket on.
Q: What happens when the weather is too bad to sail?
A: Safety is our #1 priority. If the weather does not permit us to sail we will bring class inside to do S.T.E.M Reach activities. Your child will be busy connecting sailing to science, technology, engineering and math.
Q: What if we have to cancel?
A: Students who cancel three weeks prior to the program start date receive a full refund. Within two weeks prior to the start date, the student receives a 50% refund. Inside of two weeks there will be no refund.

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