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Advanced Sailing

A more adaptive system this year where even our beginner sailors can gradually shift into in to our intermediate and then advanced classes seamlessly. 
Once at the advanced level, the instructors will be able to recommend attending races when he/she sees the necessary skills from a particular sailor. 
Anyone who was on race team last year and competed in events without issue would immediately have the option to race from the beginning of the season. 
While it's not recommended by our instructor staff, any sailor who has NOT been deemed race ready still has the option to attend and compete in events if they own their own equipment (boat/gear/etc.) and transport themselves to the event site. 
Advanced sailing classes will still be held at LYC even on travel race days, so no one will be missing out on any sailing time. 

Rock Hall Yacht Club: Thursday June 27th 
Baltimore County Sailing Center: Thursday July 11th 
Lewes Yacht Club - (Junior Olympics) Wednesday/Thursday July 17th-18th
Indian Landing Boat Club - Thursday August 1st 

(Possible addition - Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May - Thursday August 8th) 

The full list of CBYRA events: 
The full list of MAYRA events:

If any race ready sailors want to attend more than just the events listed above, I will be more than happy to organize travel and coaching for any and all events less than 3 hours away.
Pricing/Sign Up Information
Advanced Sailing option:
Sign up for the full season of advanced sailing for the same price as 3 weeks of afternoon camp (up to 6 weeks free).  When selecting this option, please make sure to include all dates your sailor will be attending/missing. 

Change for the for regatta registration:
Each sailor is responsible to sign up & pay for their own registration. This excludes JO's as they are being hosted by LYC and free to all LYC racers. Sign up ASAP.

Parent Support
We may ask of our parents to volunteer towing trailers to events. We'll offer quick towing seminars on request for anyone not familiar with trailering.
Other than towing, there are several things parents of sailors can do to make it easier on coaching staff, but not all of them are feasible for everyone.
The number one thing is parent interest. Talk to your sailor about what they've been doing on/off the water.  Even a small involvement in sailing by a parent can make the entire sport much more rewarding for a young sailor.  If any of our parents are interested in learning even a limited amount about sailing, we offer adult sailing classes on Saturday mornings, along with private lessons upon request.
Have your own gear.  This is a very broad subject as it ranges from clothing to the boat itself.  Initially it's recommended to start with a lifejacket, boots, and gloves that are comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.  There are many places to look for these including local surf shops and nautical stores such as West Marine. and are both great sources for all your sailing needs with the latter even providing the boats themselves.  While I don't personally recommend immediately buying a boat, it may be something that parents want to look into in the future.  If anyone is considering purchasing a boat, especially a used boat, feel free to contact me.  I usually know of at least a few boats for sale locally and will be able to help you get the best deal possible, along with making sure the boat doesn't have any major issues. 

- Tyler Myers 
LYC Sailing Director